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My second degree was the year-long Computer Science Honours program at RMIT city campus. The program includes research methods, four elective courses and a minor thesis. My thesis topic was "Efficient and Effective Plagiarism Detection for Large Code Repositories". The thesis was later written up and accepted for publication in the Software: Practice and Experience journal (see my publications page). I graduated on 15 December 2004. More information about the Computer Science Honours program can be found here.

Above: Graduation day 2004 with friend David Sabell.


  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Computer Science) (Honours) scholarship (RMIT University, 2004).

Course Descriptions

Results (2004)

Semester 1:

  • COSC2108 - Search Engines (HD)
  • COSC2148 - Research Methods (HD)
  • INTE1071 - Secure Electronic Commerce (DI)
  • ISYS1067 - File Structures and Database Systems (HD)

Semester 2:

  • COSC2177 - Computer Science Honours Research Project (HD)
  • ISYS1079 - Multimedia Information Retrieval (HD)