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My first degree was the four year Software Engineering program at RMIT city campus. Highlights of the course included a year of Industry Based Learning during the third year where I worked at Acumentum in a web programmer role. Major clients included the Australian Human Resources Institute, Consumer Affairs Victoria (ShopSafe), the Old Scotch Collegians Association and The Big Issue Magazine. Another major highlight was the final year industry project where teams of about five students implement a project for an industry sponsor. My team implemented a Sports Science Reporting Tool for the Victorian Institute of Sport. I graduated on 17 December 2003. More information about the Software Engineering program can be found here.

My 4th Year Software Engineering Team
Above: Fourth year software engineering team comprising David Sabell, Ming Guan, Dae Ho Ha, Sachit Jain and Steven Burrows.


  • Industry scholarship for "Top Final Year Student studying towards a Bachelor of Applied Science (Software Engineering)", (KAZ Technology Services, 2003).

Course Descriptions

First Year Results (2000)

Semester 1:

  • CS108 - Programming Principles 1A (HD)
  • CS116 - Introduction to Information Technology 1 (HD)
  • CS118 - Computer Systems 1A (HD)
  • MA258 - Mathematics 251A (DI)
  • CC046 - Black Holes and the Origin of the Universe (CR)

Semester 2:

  • CS109 - Programming Principles 1B (HD)
  • CS130 - Introduction to Databases (DI)
  • CS842 - Web Page Construction (HD)
  • MA159 - Mathematics for Computing (HD)
  • CC068 - Careers that Work (CR)

Second Year Results (2001)

Semester 1:

  • CS208 - Programming Principles 2A (HD)
  • CS259 - Computing Theory (HD)
  • CS280 - Software Engineering 1 (DI) (Mid-year result)
  • CS361 - Data Communications and Networks (CR)

Semester 2:

  • CS209 - Programming Principles 2B (HD)
  • CS262 - Operating Systems (CR)
  • CS280 - Software Engineering 1 (DI)
  • CS577 - Object-Orientated Programming (HD)

Third Year Results (2002)

Semester 1/2:

  • CS391 - Industry Approved Experience (PX)

Fourth Year Results (2003)

Semester 1:

  • COSC2102A - Software Engineering Project Part A (HD)
  • ISYS1110 - Software Engineering 2 (HD)
  • ISYS1114 - Foundations of Software Engineering (DI)

Semester 2:

  • COSC2102B - Software Engineering Project Part B (HD)
  • COSC1183 - Usability Engineering (HD)
  • ISYS1102 - Implementation of Database Applications (HD)