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This role involves technical skills training, soft skills training and working as a learning consultant to any of the approximately 1,300 Cognizant associates across Australia.

Graduate training program

The graduate training program is designed to upskill entry-level associates and get them ready for client projects through approximately 2-3 months of training depending on the training needs. I conducted the first of these for the Quality Engineering and Assurance business unit for 5 associates for 9 weeks from 17 June 2019 to 16 August 2019. These associates were all assigned to their first client project shortly after on 17 September 2019. The program consisted of the following topics and I taught all of these except where noted.

  • Induction (1.5 days)
  • Cognizant 101: Introduction to the organization (0.5 days)
  • Digital 101: Introduction to digital IT (eLearning) (1 day)
  • Headstart curriculum: Soft skills training (4 days)
  • Resume writing and interview skills (0.5 days, delivered by talent acquisition group)
  • Enterprise IT 101: Key concepts of enterprise-scale IT (0.5 days)
  • Core Java: Java SE 11 including core topics and JDBC (5 days)
  • Enterprise Java: Java EE 11 for web development including servers, architecture, servlets, JSP and MVC (5 days)
  • Quality engineering foundations, test automation and DevOps (6 days, delivered by eLearning)
  • Software development lifecycle (SDLC) (0.5 days)
  • Software testing lifecycle (STLC) (6 days)
  • Selenium for test automation: Selenium IDE and Selenium WebDriver (3 days)
  • SQL: MySQL 8.0 and MySQL Workbench 8.0 (3 days)
  • Maven: Dependency management and build automation (0.5 days)
  • Git/Github: Configuration management (0.5 days, delivered by another trainer)
  • Jenkins: Build automation and continuous integration/delivery (0.5 days, delivered by another trainer)
  • JIRA: Project management (0.5 days, delivered by eLearning)
  • Project case study: Implementing Selenium for execution activities (5 days)
  • Practice assessments: Core Java and SQL (1 day)
  • Assessments: Headstart x2, Core Java, Quality Engineering Foundations, STLC, Selenium and SQL (2 days)

First Time Manager training program

The First Time Manager (FTM) training program is internal training intended for mid-level associates that are new to management and have direct reports. The program is a mixture of virtual instructor-led training (VILT) and eLearning across 8 weeks. The VILT component comprises of three conference (Webex) calls comprising of a launch call to commence the program, a mid check-in to discuss knowledge and progress to date, and a skills practice to practice real-life management scenarios together. The eLearning component comprises of five weekly topics:

  1. Manage self
  2. Team communication
  3. Manage your network
  4. People management
  5. Drive your effectiveness

Associates also complete a pre-assessment at the start of the training to assess their prior knowledge and a post-assessment to demonstration their competency at the end.

The ideal intake for this training is 20-25 associates per group. To date, I have led the following groups:

  1. Monday 14 October 2019 to Friday 6 December 2020 (21 associates)
  2. Monday 16 December 2019 to Friday 21 February 2020 (25 associates)
  3. Monday 24 February 2020 to Friday 17 April 2020 (32 associates)
  4. Monday 27 April 2020 to Friday 19 June 2020 (18 associates)
  5. Monday 27 July 2020 to Friday 18 September 2020 (18 associates)
  6. ...

People Management Essentials workshop

People Management Essentials (PME) is a four-hour workshop that provides training for people managers in Australia with direct reports.

Synopsis: The training content covers the role of the people manager and the phases of the employee lifecycle:

  • Onboarding: Experiences, responsibilities, checklists, onboarding app and probation.
  • Performance: Feedback, coaching, difficult conversations, poor performance, goal setting and GoPerform.
  • Engagement: Drivers, models, benefits, recognition, meetings and cadence.
  • Development: Career, promotions and learning.
  • Offboarding: Resignation, termination, redundancy and obligations.

Learning outcomes: After completing the training associates would be able to:

  • Understand the role of a people manager.
  • Perform people management tasks from the employee lifecycle.
  • Execute Cognizant processes relating to people management.

Target audience: Associates who joined this training were Australian associates that met one of the following criteria:

  • Current Cognizant associates new to the people management role with new (or coming) direct reports; or
  • New Cognizant associates new to people management processes at Cognizant.

I extended and rewrote the training materials for this workshop based upon existing HR and business unit training materials. This training caters for up to 24 associates per group. The training so far has been run on the following dates:

  1. Monday 20 April 2020 (11 associates)
  2. Friday 17 July 2020 (11 associates)
  3. ...

Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) Certification Training

This workshop covers the principles and (empirical) process theory underpinning the Scrum framework, and the role of the Scrum Master in it. Participants joining this workshop will gain an understanding of what is at the heart of the Scrum and Agile movement. This workshop is suitable training towards the Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) certification from Scrum.org. Participants may alternatively consider this workshop as learning-only for those who want a more in-depth overview of Scrum without the obligation to proceed to certification.

I wrote the materials for this workshop based on my own experiences from my Certified Scrum Master certification, Professional Scrum Master certification and exposure to Scrum in at Cognizant. This training caters for up to 24 associates per group. The training so far has been run on the following dates:

  1. Monday 13 July 2020 (17 associates)
  2. Monday 10 August 2020 (22 associates)
  3. ...

Technical and organisation training

I have conducted singular technical or organisation training sessions to either Australian or APAC associates on the following topics. Each training has run for one or more instances:

  • Java New Features Overview
  • Introduction to jQuery
  • Introduction to Bootstrap
  • Getting Started with Cloud Certification (AWS, Azure and GCP)
  • SkillUp Information Session (SkillUp is an internal tool for annual development planning)
  • Introduction to Agile Scrum
  • Getting Started with Agile Certification (Scrum and SAFe)


Consulting includes connecting to leaders of key accounts and business units to identify their learning needs and to help their associates to advance their learning. This involves meetings to identify skilling requirements that I would propose solutions for. So far I have worked with the following Business Units:

  • Cognizant Digital Engineering (CDE)
  • Cognizant Digital Business Interactive (CDBI)
  • Quality Engineering and Assurance (QEA)

I have also worked with the following Accounts:

  • ICare NSW (insurance)
  • MetLife (insurance)
  • QBE (insurance)
  • Woolworths (retail)

Another example of consulting is our annual learning goal campaigns where we proactively reach out to associates to help with their annual development planning.

Consulting is also often ad-hoc in that a range of queries are dealt with that come to us such as identifying training materials, usage of eLearning platforms and use of auditing systems for learning. We refer to this as our "Learning Concierge" service.